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Invest in Leicester Round Table Explores Public-Private Collaboration for Affordable Housing

Forty key figures from the property and construction sector recently convened at an Invest in Leicester round table, hosted by Leicester City Council. The event focused on collaborative efforts to address the city's growing need for affordable housing.


Chris Burgin, Director of Housing at Leicester City Council, outlined the significant challenge: to deliver the volume of affordable homes required annually to meet the needs of the community, encouraging a united approach between the public and private sectors.


The round table session served as a platform for open discussion and exploration of collaboration opportunities. Property executives from Leicester and Leicestershire delved into potential strategies including joint venture models, innovative construction methods and best practice examples of utlilising public sector assets.


Chairing the meeting was Richard Sword, Strategic Director at Leicester City Council who said "Delivering affordable housing for our residents is a top priority for the council, the significant interest and attendance at this round table demonstrates the strong appetite within the industry to collaborate and tackle this challenge together. By working hand-in-hand, we can create housing solutions that are sustainable, accessible, and enrich the lives of our residents."


The roundtable focused on several housing challenges faced by the City Council, which declared a housing crisis in 2022, calling for urgent action from the central government to ease pressure caused by the growing demand for affordable housing.


Leicester's Deputy City Mayor for Housing, Cllr Elly Cutkelvin, said, "We have an ambitious plan to deliver housing for the residents of Leicester, however, we know that we cannot deliver this alone, and we need to work with the private sector in order to respond to the housing challenges in the city.


We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with our private sector partners in this endeavor to accelerate the delivery of housing for our residents. The discussions during the recent roundtable have highlighted the enthusiasm of our partners to join forces with us in championing our vision. Together, we are committed to ensuring that our residents gain access to affordable and quality homes.


The event generated positive feedback from attendees, highlighting the crucial role of public-private partnerships in addressing the city's housing needs. Participants expressed enthusiasm for continued dialogue and collaborative action.


Rob McGuinn, Vice Chairperson at the property professional services firm MDA Consulting said "The collaborative spirit at this round table was inspiring. Collaborating with the council, we can build a mutually beneficial relationship that delivers a future where everyone has access to secure and affordable housing."


The Invest in Leicester Round tables are held quarterly and provide the opportunity for authorities across the Leicester City and Leicestershire County to discuss key challenges and opportunities to stimulate collaboration for the good of business and residents.

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