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Round Tables

Team Leicester - Active Participants at the Invest in Leicester Roundtables

Team Leicester, with the ongoing support of its members, plays a key role in the Invest in Leicester Roundtable sessions. These sessions provide a valuable forum for discussion and collaboration, benefiting both the public and private sectors in advancing the city and county's development.


Championing Supporter Interests:

Team Leicester directors actively participate alongside other property executives, leveraging their extensive expertise to advocate for the shared interests of their diverse membership. By delving into industry-related topics, including those impacting the property and construction sectors, the team helps shape critical strategies and policies.


Collaborative Approach:

Led by senior officials from Leicester City and Leicestershire County Councils, the roundtables foster open dialogue and exploration of potential partnerships. This collaborative approach recognises the vital role of public-private cooperation in addressing challenges and maximising opportunities for the city and county.


Engaging Your Expertise:

Team Leicester supporters have the chance to contribute their unique perspectives and experience to discussions directly relevant to their specific business interests. We encourage you to learn more about how you can actively participate in these impactful sessions. Contact for further information.

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