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How Leicester is 'Tackling Challenges and Converting Opportunities' post-pandemic

Post-pandemic, Leicester is looking to Tackle Challenges and Convert Opportunities within the local area and city centre.

The introduction of the city’s £56 million recovery package plan will see increased investment into areas across the city to restore the community and productivity to pre-pandemic levels or higher!

Starting right in the heart of Leicester, the famous Leicester Market is set to receive £7.6 million for improvement work and restorations. Standing in the centre of the city, Leicester Market has always been a hub, representing the wider community felt throughout Leicestershire as an entire county. Furthermore, local businesses are in line to gain grants to refurbish shopfronts, seating, and shopping areas - redesigning the highstreet and giving the city a new lease of life.

Vocational areas throughout the community are also set to be given funding to enhance support centres and community facilities. This includes detailed plans to repair and increase the number of local sports areas, as well as improve access to library facilities for all.

Sustainable development and the aim to better our collective carbon footprint is a challenge faced by everyone internationally, with action needing to be taken urgently. Leicester has introduced many schemes to tackle this challenge and convert it into an opportunity for our community to improve and preserve our local environment. The most recent commitment to be introduced by the local area is to help owners instil new life into their empty properties, bringing them back into use rather than knocking them down and undertaking large-scale construction and development projects.

Leicester’s recovery plan aims to reduce and settle the uncertainties of the future that have been caused by the pandemic. Additionally, the package will reinforce Leicester’s position as a hub for investment and development ahead of Team Leicester’s trip to MIPIM 2022 in March!

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